Dear Customers,

We would like to thank you for your continued support, loyalty and understanding over the last 6 years. You are appreciated more than we can say.
We know that our location is not optimal for most of our customers. Your homes run all along the Wasatch Front, down to St. George, up to Logan or even Idaho. There are even many of you who live states away and come any time you are in town. We would LOVE to have a location near all of you, as unrealistic as that may be.
Our solution to this problem was the food truck/mobile store. We worked hard to meet the requirements to sell in multiple cities so that we could bring amazing gluten-free food closer to you. The food truck rallies are organized by two entities, who act as decision makers on which trucks will be present at each rally. It was imperative that we did well during the first few rallies so that we would be invited back. However, we were given very short notice to notify our customers. The first rally was a success but the second one was not, and we regret to tell you that we have not been invited back. This not only keeps us out of the South Jordan/Daybreak rally, but most of the rallies along the Wasatch Front.
Our plan B was to find our own locations, allow customers time to pre-order, and then go to those locations for a few hours for pick-up, as well as selling select items to drop-in customers. We thought this would be a good way to get our goods closer to you. Yet again we regret to inform you that it was not successful. While there are many of you who want us to be closer, it is not a financially viable option for us at this time.
We currently do not have the resources to get our truck back on the road. We are just as sad about this as you!  We will let you know if that changes.
Thanks again for all your support!