Some of our products can be purchased from

The Store

2050 E 6200 S

Holladay, UT 84121

If you would like to place an order to be shipped to you, please email us at or call 801-563-7466. Shipping charges depend on what your order and where you live. Please contact us for information specific to your order.

The following items can be shipped:

Eleanor’s Baking Flour 4lb bag-$16.00

We use this to make cookies, brownies, lemon bars, etc.

Eleanor’s Bread Flour 4lb bag (Dairy Free)-$15.00

We use to make anything with yeast; bread, cinnamon rolls, and even our pizza crust.

Eleanor’s Dairy Free Baking Flour 4lb bag-$16.00

Eleanor’s Cake Flour (Dairy Free) 4lb bag-$13.04

This is a good substitute for flour in cake recipes.

Eleanor’s Chocolate Cake Mix-$3.49

Eleanor’s Vanilla Cake Mix-$2.93

We can also ship cookies and brownies.